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Empowering And Building Community One Brick At A Time

LycaFox Pack is a collection of 11,111 randomly generated unique ‘Like a Fox’ characters co-founded and led by two women who wanted to bring their creative flair, life purpose, and love for community to the NFT verse.

The collection depicts the fox known to many as the spirit animal which throughout the ages has been documented in mythology and folklore of many cultures. We have brought together some of the different packs of foxes from around the world including Red Fox, Fennec, and Artic Fox. Each pack showcases their individuality and what they represent cleverness, independence, playfulness, protection, and good luck.

Did You Know ?

  • Red Fox – The red fox are the most widely dispersed species of all the canids. They are found in almost every northern region around the world.
  • Fennec Fox – The fennec fox is a desert fox that is found primarily in the deserts of Africa. They are the smallest of all the fox species.
  • Artic Fox – The arctic fox is found in the arctic regions of the world. This includes Eurasia, North America, Iceland, and Greenland.

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Our Vision

Our mission is to create opportunities for communities in third world countries, to obtain the skills and resources to launch their own sustainable projects or businesses. Our goal is to build a community fund from a percentage of our sales and support communities with the help of third parties.

The LycaFox Pack team are focused on building an enthusiastic community of NFT holders, which will have exclusive access to all upcoming projects including building a community wallet, creating a new 3D collection, and purchasing land.

As a member of our community, you’ll be embarking on an important journey to unravel our fox’s purpose and why they have emerged from the depths of their burrows.

Our digital collectables are established within the Solana Block chain, which enables holders to mint, collect and trade them. Unleash your inner Fox and join us on this journey in Discord.

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Phase 1
  • LycaFox Pack was born on November 2021.
  • We called upon the NFT creative community throughout November and December 2021 to help support our fox dream.
  • 2D collection creation team get to work on our collection and brings our LycaFox Pack vision to life.
  • Started building our marketing strategy and activity plan.


Phase 2
  • Development and smart contract in place.
  • Website launch to be announced (connect with us on Twitter).
  • Social Media and marketing promotions.
  • NFT giveaways and amazing prices.


Phase 3
  • Current LFP holders will be rewarded with exclusive Airdrops.
  • Community events and giveaways for active members of our community.
  • Team expansion so we can move forward and create amazing opportunities for others in the NFT place.
  • Community and charity wallet creation
  • Activate community and charity wallets.
  • 5% of collection main sales will be added to our charity wallet.
  • Store launch and EXCLUSIVE merch for LFP holders.
  • Listing on secondary marketplaces across the Solana Universe.
Phase 4
  • Project GEN 2D to 3D collection announcement – get ready for the FOXVERSE-more news will be announced soon.
  • NFT marketplace creation – create a collaborative space to help our community.
  • Purchase a plot of land in the METAVERSE and create collaborative venue and events for our community.
  • Reward our NFT community with giveaways and special roles.
  • Exclusive merch store open to public.
  • VIP Virtual meetings for LFP NFT holders.


Phase 5
  • Release of roadmap 0.2 - After Roadmap 1.0 Completion, we will release our roadmap 2.0 which will focus on various real-life utility aspects and metaverse opportunities.


More exciting NEWS announcements and information to follow.
Connect with @lycafoxpack on Twitter


200 NFTs

will be given away pre-launch to the community through competitions and giveaways. The NFTs will be dropped to your wallet shortly after MINT date IN APRIL 2022

300 NFTS + Mystery bags

will be given away after the Main Mint to our community, to inspire & give our supporters an amazing experience in April-May 2022

500 NFTs + Mystery Bags

Will be airdropped to people who already own our NFT collection in MAY-JUNE-JULY 2022. There will be also mYstery bag of Solana giveaways


lucky LFP holders will be picked from random and will receive LFP NFTs in LATE 2022. Follow us on TWITTER to keep up to date with future giveaways and competitions

Our Team


Marketing Director

Gemma has over 15 years of experience working in marketing and sales, for and with some of the largest companies in the world launching campaigns across the UK, Ireland, Europe and the Middle East. As a seasoned marketeer, she has worked on joint marketing initiatives with Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
She is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing who recognises her skills and experience in the industry. There is never a dull moment in her marketing world, she has loved co-creating the collection and continues to emerge herself in NFT space. She loves uplifting people, building community, and music.


Creative Director

Mal has over 25 years crafting her skills and experience in fashion on a global scale. She has worked for some of the top fashion houses including Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Ralph & Russo, Balenciaga, Chanel, Givenchy and Dior. She has worked on couture and red carpet outfits for Madonna, Rita Ora and Cher!
Mal wanted to merge her love for fashion and enthusiasm for the crypto space into a community driven project. With her love for fashion and creative flair, she wanted to experiment and explore different opportunities with NFTs. With her love for crypto, community, and people, LycaFox Pack was born from the depths of the Solana underground.


Most frequent questions and answers

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of real-world items like art, video clips, music, and more.

LFP are 11,111 randomly generated unique ‘Like a Fox’ characters co-founded and led by two women that have been dormant in the Solana ecosystem and have now come out of their den. Come join our community on Discord for more information.

NFT minting is the process by which your digital art or digital content becomes a part of the Solana blockchain.


⦁ 2025 characters will be pre-minted by the team before the public mint launch, to allow early supporters to secure airdrops and giveaways.
⦁ Only 25 LFP will be held by the Co-founders.
 ⦁ 2000 characters will be available on Presale.
 ⦁ 7086 characters will be minted on Main Sale day.

Yes, we plan on 5% of our main sales to be given to charity chosen by our community.

You can buy it on our website on our minting dates (question 5). After the mint is over, you can buy it on one of Solana’s secondary marketplace .Keep eye on updates on our Social media channels.

You can use wallet like Phantom, Sollet or Solflare.

We will have rarity check on our website, check top menu very soon.

You can contact us by email and our contact form on contact section or any of our Social Media channels.

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